Helping our clients plan to minimise tax liabilities

Taxation is an unfortunate part of business life but an important one nevertheless. UK tax legislation is amongst the most complex in the world and it is important for any business to get it right. We help all our clients plan so that these liabilities are as low as possible and we ensure that all tax matters are dealt with professionally.

Business taxation

Taxation can be an intimidating word for some business owners and, with the British tax system expanding faster than ever, it is sometimes very hard to keep up to date with the latest tax legislation. Taxation is a generally complex and protracted financial activity that can cost the business dearly if it has not been managed properly, especially if deadlines are missed or rules misapplied.

Your responsibilities are dependent on the status of your business (e.g. limited company, partnership or sole trader):

  • A limited company is required to make returns to HMRC for Corporation Tax and almost certainly for VAT

  • If you are self–employed or a member of a partnership, you are required to submit a self-assessment return

  • Depending on your business turnover you will be required to register for VAT and submit quarterly returns

Planning plays a key role in the proper management of taxation. All businesses will wish to ensure that the process is maintained in a cost efficient manner and that any tax liabilities are minimised.

We ensure that all our clients' tax returns are submitted on time and that they have benefitted from all available tax reductions. We discuss their tax position with all our clients on a regular basis to ensure that they are completely comfortable. We also ensure that best use is made of any available planning opportunities.

Taxation can be a large cost for any business and, in our experience, owners and directors wish to feel comfortable that their tax affairs are in order and that the whole process is being managed in a professional and cost effective manner.

We can provide practical advice and planning in the following areas of UK tax:

  • Personal tax, including self assessment tax returns

  • Partnership tax, including self assessment tax returns

  • Corporation tax, including self assessment tax returns

  • Capital Gains Tax

  • Construction Industry Scheme

  • PAYE

  • VAT

  • Income tax enquiries and VAT inspections

If you have any questions or queries regarding business tax or how we might be able to help then please feel free to give us a call. We are happy to help.

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